iGaming Affiliates

iGaming Affiliates Aquire Traffic Legends

Its with great delight we can announce that we have acquired traffic-legends.com – With this acquisition we will take on a few new crypto clients and a number SEO affiliate sites.
All new sites will be reviewed and re-vamped for a big 2024 launch so WATCH THIS SPACE!
Niclas Johansson, had some encouraging words to share about this development: 
This is a really positive move for IGA, and it's going to help us grow significantly, especially in the crypto space. not only are we taking on new crypto clients we can now offer our own crypto SEO sites something we have been talking about internally for a while.
Niclas Johnsson
Co-Founder CMO

Niclas’s excitement reflects the significance of this deal and its potential to transform our future. if you have traffic or SEO sites you would like to sell don’t hesitate to reach out to us.