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iGaming Affiliate Traffic Japan – Japan has had a troublesome history when it comes to gambling in general. Most forms of gambling have been illegal in the country for many years.


There were some exceptions though, with Pachinko, lottery tickets, and some types of sports betting being allowed, but that was about it. This situation seemed to turn a corner in the late 2010s when a group of politicians in Japan realized that there is great value in a legal gambling sector.


As a result, a new law was passed that legalized land-based casinos. However, the world moves forward, and land-based casinos in the world are slowly being replaced by online gambling sites.


In this article, we will cover the one topic that interests plenty of punters in Japan – whether online gambling is legal and how saturated the online casino traffic Japan is.


Is Online Gambling Legal in Japan?


Let’s begin this article by exploring the online gambling laws in Japan. Most players will ask one simple question – is online gambling legal in Japan? 


There is no simple answer to this question, as the situation is rather complicated. There is no online gambling legislation in Japan that forbids players from gambling at offshore online gambling sites.


However, there is no way for operators to apply for and obtain a license in Japan, as the government there sees online gambling as an illegal activity.


The good news here is that it is very little the government can do to stop players from accessing such sites. The government and the Japanese gambling laws focus solely on companies and private operators instead of individual players. No local corporations are allowed to offer online casino services or online sports betting options.


For this reason, Japanese punters are forced to turn to international online casinos in their quest to play online casino games.


As online gambling is a very popular pastime activity in the country, there are plenty of reliable online casinos in the world that happily accept punters from Japan, so you won’t be short of options in this regard.


Just recently, there was some development regarding the online gambling sector in Japan, but in a negative way. The National Police Agency of the country together with the Consumer Affairs Agency issued a warning that online gambling is illegal in the country.


They said that even though there are various online casinos from abroad that happily accept players from Japan, no citizen of the country is allowed to participate in such activities.


According to the government, all forms of online gambling remain illegal in Japan.

However, as mentioned above, there is still no case of someone being criminally charged for gambling online, so Japanese punters have nothing to worry about, as long as they choose a licensed site to gamble on.


Popular Payment Methods for Gambling Online in Japan


When making transactions at online casinos that accept Japanese punters, keep in mind that there might not be an option to choose Yen as the main currency. This shouldn’t be a major problem, but it is something that you should have in mind.


As a developed nation, Japanese punters have been following the trends in online payment systems all around the world.


Therefore, we are not surprised to see that plenty of Japanese punters gamble with e-Wallets such as ecoPayz. The vast majority of online gambling sites in Asia accept ecoPayz transactions, with withdrawals being fast, and no fees associated whatsoever with any transaction.


One slight negative is that PayPal is not accessible to players in Asia, so you cannot use this popular payment method for making transactions at online casinos that accept Japanese punters.


Another trend that has emerged in recent years is the usage of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum are just some options that you can use when gambling at Japanese-focused online casinos.


Withdrawals are instant and free of charge, and you have the added advantage of anonymous transactions. All reputable online casinos in the world start offering their services with cryptocurrencies – payments, games, etc.


Gambling with a credit card in Japan may be a risky business as online casinos are banned in the country. Therefore, you are best advised to check out the above-mentioned alternatives, which also offer safe and maybe even faster transactions than credit/debit cards.


Mobile Gaming in Japan


You wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Japan has an astonishingly high level of internet and smartphone penetration. Nowadays, some estimates say that internet penetration in Japan is around 93%, with this number expected to increase to 95% by 2027.


All this means just one thing – the future of online payments and online casinos lies in mobile-friendly websites.


As any reputable online casino should, the best of the best make sure to create mobile-friendly websites or mobile apps that players in Japan can download for free. The online casino traffic in Japan means that the sector is highly popular and people nowadays prefer to gamble on their mobile phones.


What Does the Future Hold for Online Gambling in Japan?


It is difficult to predict what exactly the future holds for online gambling in Japan due to the highly restrictive approach the government has towards the industry.


It is evident that the iGaming traffic in Japan is at a very high level, but punters are now forced to gamble and play their favourite casino games at offshore operators.


This is likely to remain the case in the coming years, but it is not necessarily a situation that would bother Japanese users, as there are plenty of options at international online casinos.