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iGaming Traffic Spain – Spain is known to be a country that has a liberal approach towards online gambling these days, but it wasn’t always the case.


The Spanish government made gambling legal in 1977, but before that, during the Franco regime, gambling activities were strictly forbidden. Only the National Lotter and some minority bets were allowed, but that changed with Franco’s death.


Since 1977, bingos, casinos and slots became legal in the country. The Spanish Gambling Act of 2011 changed the online casino landscape in Spain completely, as it allowed online gambling. 


If you are interested in finding out more about iGaming traffic in Spain, keep reading this article for all the relevant information.


Is Online Gambling Legal in Spain?


All gambling activities in Spain can be divided into two categories:


  • Public gambling – a state monopoly which is given to two operators – SEALE and ONCE. They are in charge of offering lottery games, sports and charity pool betting
  • Private gambling – licensed private operators who need to apply and obtain a license (online and land-based casinos)


When it comes to the jurisdictions, the Spanish Constitution gives powers to the central State and the Autonomous Regions in the country. 

Those regions are in charge of the supervision and taxation of all public gambling activities in their respective territories.


Moreover, all state-wide gambling offers are controlled by the Ministry of Finance, the Government and the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling. The latter is in charge of regulating, authorizing, controlling, supervising and penalizing any gambling activities at a state level. It also has competence over private operators active in more than one state.


Operators that obtain a license to offer online gambling services in Spain can offer the following verticals:


  • Bingo
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Slots
  • Poker
  • Complementary games


All other possible casino verticals are not allowed within the Spanish regulation.


Overall, all this means that the Spanish online gambling sector is well-regulated, so every punter in the country has access to their favourite games at any time.


The purpose of the Gambling Act in Spain was to set the rules and to harmonize all gambling regulations in Spain that were somewhat confusing for a long time.


Moreover, there are tons of examples worldwide of how beneficial a regulated online gambling landscape can be, so Spain was quick to follow that trend. The legalisation of online gambling is a huge step forward for the Spanish government, and it has surely created a stronger, united and consolidated gambling law structure in the country.


Popular Payment Methods for Gambling in Spain


Spanish online casinos are known to offering a wide range of payment methods. To put it simply, all players have different preferences when it comes to payment options, so it is important to have them all integrated.

With all that being said, the most popular payment methods for online gambling in Spain are VISA, Neteller, Skrill, MasterCard and Citadel Direct. 


However, there are certain options that are also used, but may not be so well-known among the general public:



  • 900Pay  – with this payment method, you can make near-instant transactions at your favourite Spanish online casino. It is a very simple method and it doesn’t charge any fees for its services
  • QuickTender – a similar payment method to credit cards, but not all online casinos in Spain have integrated it, so you need to check it directly on the site
  • Epassporte – lastly, this is an internet e-Wallet payment method that is similar to a VISA card. There are no fees associated with transactions, and you can also enjoy safe deposits and withdrawals at any time

Bottom line is that you won’t be short of options when it comes to payment methods for online gambling in Spain. Reliable online casinos will have all of the most relevant ones integrated, so you have nothing to worry about.


Mobile Gaming in Spain


Mobile gaming is another aspect of the online casino traffic Spain to keep a close eye on. According to relevant research studies done, the number of smartphone users in Spain is predicted to reach 41 million users by 2024, which is a great number.


This means that more than 73% of the entire Spain population will own a smartphone, so the facilities are in place for a great mobile gaming market.


Some punters would argue that the entire gambling experience is even better from a mobile device, so it comes as no surprise to see plenty of operators creating mobile-friendly sites.


Some of the more advanced ones even have fully functional apps for Android and iOS users, and this is a trend that will surely grow even more in the following years.


As an incentive to download their apps, online casinos in Spain may also offer special bonuses for mobile users, so you can see how seriously mobile gaming is taken in Spain.


What Does the Future Hold for Online Gambling in Spain?


Spain is just one of the developed countries in Europe that were quick to see the benefits of a legalized online gambling sector. 


We were quite happy to see the level of regulation when it comes to online casino traffic in Spain, so we expect big things in the coming years, especially with the rise of online gambling sites.


Land-based casinos are slowly going backwards, with online gambling operators taking their place. Regulated markets like Spain are there to reap the benefits of such developments, and this is likely to continue in the coming years.